​KATSUTA Kyohei/勝田 恭平

中学生になってから本格的に創作活動を始め、同じ頃折紙探偵団(現 日本折紙学会)のメンバーとなる。


現在はおりがみはうすのスタッフとして折り紙に関係した仕事をしながら、自身でも新しい視点と技法による作品を模索している。 主な創作対象は生物。好きな生物はニワトリ。

Born in May 25, 1986, Katsuta learned origami from his mother and origami books he read when he was three or four years old, and since then he has been folding. Katsuta started designing his own models when he was in junior high school, when he became a member of Origami Tanteidan (currently JOAS).

He opened a sharable web site “Origami New Generations” in which young folders can share their own models and ideas, and as the name of the site suggests, he became known as the core member of the “new generations” of folders. Katsuta gave the site to others in 2009.

He currently works as a staff member of Origami House. Of course, he still keeps pursuing new types of origami models and new techniques for designing ones. Katsuta mostly designs living creatures, among which a chicken is his favorite.